Friday, November 27, 2015


It feels like fall only just began but in reality it has flown by. We are now approaching the end of November and there's only about a month left until Christmas. Goodbye fall, hello winter. So, how can you tell fall is rapidly disappearing? Well, if you live in Canada just take a step outside your front door and then get back to me. There is no denying it's as cold as f. This change of weather also means it's time to begin that transition in your wardrobe from fall to winter (didn't we just transition from summer to fall?). Thankfully, where I live, hasn't received much snow yet. Any snow we have gotten has been washed away by the rain. I know other places in Canada and around the world have already been hit with their fair share of snow. I hate to break it to you, but this is only just the beginning. Feeling unprepared for winter? Me too. So, I decided to get my shit together and create a list of essentials to help us both survive this chilly, Canadian winter. Or winter wherever you are in the world....unless, it's some place warm. If that's the case we aren't on speaking terms until June.

Here are my top 10 winter essentials:

1. Statement coat

Wearing a cute outfit in the winter is extremely difficult. Mainly, because it's hidden beneath a coat 80 percent of the time. So, how do you amp up your outfit in the winter? By investing in a statement coat! No more hiding your outfit beneath a coat, make your coat a key component in your overall look. That way, coat or no coat you won't risk wasting a good outfit if it's incorporated in your overall look.

2. A parka

To contradict my last essential, I am aware that some days it is way too cold to be prancing around in a statement coat. If you are going to be outside for an extended period of time or if you are experiencing one of those damp winter days, sometimes a statement coat just doesn't cut it. For those days I highly recommend a parka. It's still cute, so you don't have to completely jeopardize your entire look, but it's a more practical in terms of warmth and keeping you dry.

1. Michael Kors faux fur parka
2. Capulet faux fur parka
3. Autonomy parka
4. Quilted jacket
5. ASOS faux fur parka

3. Over the Knee boots

LOVE this trend. Undoubtedly one of my favourite trends so far for this season. By tossing on a pair of OTK boots it instantly amps up any outfit and gives it a more sexier, feminine vibe. They are the perfect transitional boot because they function for both fall and winter. I have been crushing on the Stuart Weitzman "Highland" boots for a couple of years now...if only the didn't cost the majority of a semesters tuition.

1. Stuart Weitzman Highland boots
2. Refresh Alto boot
3. Aldo Barra boot
4. Steve Madden Gorgeous Boot

4. Booties

You can't go wrong with a decent pair of booties. You can pair them with pants, dresses and skirts and they function in pretty much every season. For fall/winter this year I have been particularly loving the "Chelsea" style bootie, like the Nine West booties pictured below. If you haven't seen my last blog post you can see me wearing them here. In addition to pairing well with a variety of outfits, I can personally vouch for their comfortability, also...they are on sale right now!

1. Zara booties
2. Vince Camuto Harlin bootie
3. Nine West bootie
4. Sam Edelman Paige bootie
5. Brooke Nappa Chelsea boot

5. Sweater dress

Sweater dresses will always be an essential to me. They make you look like you put effort in to your outfit when realistically you tossed it on in under 2 seconds. Running late? Toss on a sweater dress, pair it with some tights, boots and throw on a coat and you're good to go. Plus, they keep you warm which is a huge MUST for me in the winter.

1. Kimchi Blue ballet wrap dress
2. Wilfred Free Grace dress
3. Broadwick dress by Unique
4. ASOS Tunic
5. Assali Chhatri sweater dress

6. Chunky knit sweater

I have a sweater addiction. Chunky knit sweaters instantly give you coziness and warmth...what more could you ask for in an outfit when it's freezing outside? Invest in sweaters, you'll thank me later. 

1. Crop sweater
2. Isabel Marant Charley lace-up sweater
3. Wilfred Debourg sweater
4. New Look cable jumper
5. Somedays Lovin sweater

7. Party dress

The holiday season also means party season. From family get togethers, to events with friends or even coworkers, there is sure to be many occasions where you'll require a dressier outfit. You can't go wrong with having a decent party dress or a couple of party dresses on hand for any occasion that should pop up. 

1. Lovers + Friends tuxedo dress
2. Topshop bodycon dress
3. Mango embellished dress
4. W118 By Walter Baker dress
5. NBD party dress

8. Cape

Capes have become really big this year and I am personally really enjoying the trend. There are two types of capes: the cape coat and the cardigan cape or what I like to call "the blanket cape". The cape coat is very chic looking, it makes me think Blair Waldorf-Upper East Side. It instantly dresses up any outfit. The cape cardigan...ok, let's be real ,it's essentially a blanket that we call a "cardigan" so that it's socially acceptable to wear in public. I AM SO OK WITH THAT. It's a great piece to wear over an outfit and once again, keeps you cozy and warm. I'm sold. 

1. Caterina cape coat
2. Topshop cape coat
3. Burberry Prorsum cape
4. Mango colour block cape
5. ASOS cape

9. Blanket scarf

Looking for another way to wear your blanket in public? Look no further, pick yourself up a blanket scarf. I have to say I'm a huge fan of these "blanket" trends. Surprisingly, blankets actually look really nice in an outfit and aside from keeping you cozy and warm, if you ever wanted to just stop and take a nap you always have a blanket on hand. 

1. Checked and striped scarf
2. Multi stripe blanket scarf
3. Pieces oversized tartan scarf
4. Marc by Marc Jacobs blanket scarf

10. Onesie

The key to surviving a Canadian winter? Cozy PJs. Doesn't necessarily have to be a onesie, flannel pjs will do as well. Please, do yourself a favour and pick up some cozy PJs and your winter will instantly become 10 times better. No joke. 


Tuesday, November 24, 2015


As of today, it is officially one month until Christmas Eve! Who else is excited? To be honest, I'm typically not a huge Christmas person. Don't get me wrong, I love Christmas but usually Halloween is more so my thing. But, for whatever reason, this year I am especially ecxcited. Mainly because a) no school and b) I can actually have a social life. I am looking forward to just being able to relax and spend time with friends and family. Bring on the food and drinks.

Also, this Friday is Black Friday. How many of you brave souls are venturing out into the madness? I sure as hell am not. I'm definitely not courageous enough for that. I will be doing the majority of my Black Friday shopping online, from the comfort of my own home. But, good luck to those of you who are going to attempt to brave the craziness. I hope you make it back in one piece and find some good deals. 

Moving on to the outfit. I can not even begin to tell you how cozy this sweater is. I am one of those people who are almost always cold and this sweater does a great job of keeping me warm. Plus, this colour has been making a huge appearance this season and I can definitely understand why, it's just such a great fall colour. I kept this outfit fairly casual and paired the sweater with some high-waisted black pants and black booties. This is essentially my fall uniform--a knit sweater, pants or leggings and either riding boots or booties. It's a fail-proof combination.

What I was wearing

Had to include this last photo...clearly not impressed with the leaves in my hair. But hey, I guess that's what happens when you throw piles of leaves over your head?


Monday, November 16, 2015


The controversy based on "fakeness" in social media has become a huge topic of discussion lately and has taken the social media world by storm. I have no desire to get too involved in it because I can see the arguement from both sides. That being said, I do want to talk about it...just a little. 

So, do I think social media is fake? I think it can be (keyword: can). Do I think social media attracts mostly negativity? I definitely think social media can be negative but it can also be quite positive as well. Wether or not social media is positive or negative depends on a variety of factors and also depends on you personally. For me, I've had both negative and positive encounters with social media but overall, I think social media is also a great way to spread positivity. For example, Dove's beauty campaigns help to encourage confidence in women. Also, in light of recent events and with all of the tragedies currently occurring in the world, I've seen social media being used in a variety of ways to promote peace and show support. 

In relation to these photos and my last few blog posts, social media has been very positive for me. I had so much fun taking these photos. School (and life in general) has been extremely hectic lately so having the opportunity to hang out with one of my best friends and get outdoors was a great break from reality. Yes, we took like a million photos but we had fun while doing it. Mainly because we don't take things too seriously and we do this because it's something we love and are passionate about. So, that's the truth behind the image and hell, if I can spread some positivity in the process then great. Anyway, that's basically where I stand right now.

It was a little chilly out this particular day but I really wanted some decent photos with this shirt so I decided to suck it up for 15 minutes. Catch a cold? Me? No way, never. To style the shirt I decided to keep the outfit fairly simple and monochromatic. I paired the shirt with black accents to make it the focal point of the overall look. Finally, I finished off the look with this hat to...keep my head warm obviously? 

What I was wearing
Hat - Winners

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