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On Saturday, February 27th I celebrated my 19th birthday! 

Not really, I'm full of shit. It was my 20th birthday but I'm desperately wishing it was my 19th. It's so funny, you know. I've spent the last 10 years wishing I was older and now that I am (somewhat older) I'm wishing I was younger. To me, being 20 is terrifying. You are no longer a teenager and with that comes new responsibilities. That being said, I'm not going to go ahead and call myself an adult...I'm not even close to being considered an adult (scary). I am definitely still 12 years old at heart. 

The one thing I love about turning 20 is all the knowledge I've gained in the past 20 years. I've grown and changed so much. As scary as growing older is, I am truly grateful for the wisdom that's acquired as you age. 

20 things I've learned since turning 20 are:

1. Things will get better. I know at times it may feel like your entire world is falling apart but I promise you, things will always get better. 

2. Let go of the past. Holding on to painful memories won't change anything, it will only hurt you. Learn to let go and move forward. 

3. Eliminate toxic people from your life. Distance yourself from negativity, surround yourself with people who spread positivity and motivate you to be the best version of yourself. 

4. Be kind to everyone. You never know what someone else may be going through, or who can help you to achieve your goals. It may surprise you, so just play it safe and be kind to everyone. 

5. There is no such thing as perfect. And its ok if you aren't perfect, no one expects you to be.

6. Love yourself first. It isn't fair to be involved with someone if you can't be accepting of yourself first. No one can fix you, only you can fix you.

7. Everyone is struggling in some way. I know it's hard at times to not question "why me" or feel like the weight of the world is on your shoulders but it isn' just you, everyone is fighting their own battles.

8. Live in the moment. Stop worrying about the past and obsessing over the future. You can never go back to the past or know for sure what will happen in the future, all you can do is focus on right now. 

9. Be grateful for friends and family. They are the people who will stick by you no matter what, don't take them for granted. 

10. Travel as much as possible. Self explanatory.

11. Stop procrastinating. It will only stress you out, in the words of a very wise man "JUST DO IT"

12. Embrace a healthy lifestyle. Exercise and eat good, whole foods. Don't do this to try to match some image you have in your mind but instead, to feel good from the inside out.

13. Eat healthily but don't hesitate to indulge or treat yourself. Everything is fine in moderation. If you eat something unhealthy or too much of something, it's OK. Don't beat yourself up over it, it just isn't worth it. 

14. Try to stay positive. I know how difficult this is but just try your best. Even if every bone in your body is telling you to be negative, fake positivity. If you fake it for long enough, eventually you may actually start to believe it.

15. Learn to forgive. If you can not forgive then learn to move on.

16. Confidence is beautiful. It is not shallow. If you don't always feel confident that's ok too. Fake it until you feel it. Having confidence will completely change how you feel about yourself. 

17. Be spontaneous. Spontaneity is what keeps life exciting. Things don't always go according to plan so don't stress, just roll with it.

18. Forgive yourself. You are your own worst critic, learn to forgive yourself. It is ok to make mistakes.

19. Don't sweat the small stuff. Shit happens. Eventually things will work themselves out, try no to worry about it too much. 

20. And finally, my motto for the past 2 years (hence why i had it tattooed on my arm) and that is "omnia causa fiunt" or "everything happens for a reason". Everything in your life happens because it is supposed to happen. Sometimes these things may be terrible or scary but there is a reason behind why things panned out the way that they did. I know it may not always make sense at first, but I assure you, there is a reason and what that reason is up to you to determine. 

And there you have it! 20 things I have learned since turning 20.

Now, on to my actual birthday. Since turning 20 I've also learned not to have any expectations when it comes to birthdays. Don't set them too high or too low, you will just set yourself up for disappointment. This year I tried not to plan anything out and just went with the flow. It turned out to be an amazing day! My mom surprised me with the yummiest vegan, gluten free cake (if you didn't know I'm a celiac vegetarian) and I spent the day with my family. That night, my friends and I stayed at a hotel and had a girls night out. They also surprised me with a vegan, gluten free cake they had baked themselves! I had so much fun and felt so lucky to have such incredible people in my life. My 20th will definitely be a birthday to remember.

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